Marketplace for class notes, study docs, how-to guides & original content
Marketplace for class notes, study docs, how-to guides & original content


We’re a knowledge marketplace to buy/sell your personal class notes and original content.
Our mission is to maximize the benefits for everyone learning. The study materials posted to our platform offer relevant, frictionless sources of in-depth learning happening in schools across the world. At the same time, the note-takers who choose to sell their learning on Smartnotes earn passive profits from their own study materials.
Anyone can buy and sell Notes on our platform! If you have personal Notes from a specific university course they can be posted for sale. Users can also create original Notes unassociated with schools that cover different topics from physics to gardening.
We are happy to say that all prices are set by the Note sellers.
Oy! Growing rapidly can sometimes be accompanied with pain points. We hope to have Notes from your school soon, in the meantime try searching for Notes by topic.
If you notice inappropriate or copyrighted material on our platform, you can report it right away by emailing us a link to the suspicious Note.
You can change your username and update your email in your settings tab. To delete your account simply email us a request to delete your account. Please make sure you include your account email & username.
Awesome! Go to your account and submit the Affiliate Code under the settings tab. The code will remain active in your account until expiration.
Absolutely! You can edit or delete your Note at any time and we do not demand exclusive access to your material. Posting a Note on our platform means you agree with our site’s Terms .
Posting your Notes is free! Smartnotes collects a 20% service fee from each transaction which covers the Stripe transaction fees.
Users who have sold a minimum of 10 notes on our platform are invited to apply for the Affiliate Program. Members are entitled to perks, including a reduced service fee of 15%. Please email with ‘Affiliate Program Application’ in the subject and be sure to include your username for consideration.
Notes can be both a traditional paper style that has been scanned or Notes can be digitally created on a tablet; either way works so long as the Note file is in a .pdf format.
Under copyright law it is prohibited to post Notes that contain material directly created by professors (including exams) or from textbooks. We only allow the posting and use of Notes that have been created by students based on their understanding of a class or knowledge of a topic and is thus the student’s intellectual property. Since the times of Aristotle studying in ancient Greece, students have been writing and sharing Notes with their classmates. Smartnotes is the platform that makes sharing in-depth knowledge possible on a global scale.
Payments for each Note sold take place immediately and Stripe is responsible for paying the seller. All sales are final and not refundable. Smartnotes collects a 20% fee of the amount you are paid. Smartnotes does not issue 1099’s since we do not touch your payments. Stripe issues 1099’s as required by the IRS to Sellers who have sold at least $20,000 worth of Notes to at least 200 different customers, otherwise you are on your own.
To increase the visibility of your Notes consider adding labels associated with the school, class and topic. Do not add disingenuous labels as this may affect your buyer reviews. Try adding color in your Notes as this will help appeal to more learning styles.
Feel free to contact us directly with questions and feedback!